Historical Photos of People with
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Slide Rules used in modern history to advance technology in the world
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involving Slide Rules gleaned from all sources - Books, Catalogs, Libraries, TV, Movies,
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Note: This is an educational historical resource intended for non-commercial use. All rights belong to the respective on-line sources and publications. There are over 575 images in this gallery. We thank all the members of the Oughtred Society (OS), Dutch Kring, United Kingdom of Slide Rule Collectors (UKSRC) and Rechenschieber Sammler Treff (RST) who have contributed submissions to the ISRM and to Peter Hopp's "People and Slide Rules" Powerpoint presentation which is part of this gallery. The goal is to simply capture and consolidate the images before they dissappear from history. Additional images appear in other gallery pages within ISRM.


Robert Herndon, Aircraft Engineer featured in 1957 Life Magazine

Dr. Katherine Blodgett, GE scientist who invented invisible anti-glare glass (1948 Life)

Dr. Lyman Spitzer, Jr. (1914-1997) Astrophysicist, Princeton. Driving force behind the Hubbel Space telescope. (1948 Life photo)

Virginia Sink (c1975), Engineer at Chrysler, designed the first auto smog devices. 1936 Univ. of Colorado, chemical engineering.(SME)

USMA Instructor Giving a Cadet an Electric Motor Demonstration (1941 Life)

USMA Cadets (at West Point) Marching With Slide Rules (1941 Life)

USMA Cadets Analyze a Bridge Model (1941_Life)

USMA Cadets at a Lecture on Radio Waves (1941 Life)

Professor Joseph Gabrys lecturing to engineering students (1949)

Women Engineers at Illinois Bell telephone (c1955)

Marly Van Leer Peck, The Lady Engineer (1957_Life)

James F. Hunt of the 1951 Brooklyn Grand Jury

Dr. Harvey White, 1958 NBC TV show Continental Classroom

Dr. Harvey White, 1958 NBC TV show Continental Classroom

Catherine Eiden (1914-1990) at Bell Telephone Company, later a professor at University of Texas. Society of Women Engineers (SME) President 1960-1969.

Astounding Science Fiction May1951 Galactic Gadgeteers by Harry Stine

Emilio Gino Segre (Emilio Segre Visual Archives)

Dr. Robert Goddard (1882-1954) American Rocketry Pioneer

Otto Struve (Emilio Segre Visual Archives)

Betty Lou Bailey (1929-2007), Mechanical engineer, worked for 44 years at General Electric (picture c1950-1959) in hydropower applications. River preservationalist. SWE Fellow and Pioneer.

Celestron Pacific Ad (June 1962)

Jules Gueron (Emilio Segre Visual Archives)

Pudue 1942 Aeronautic Structures Class

Woman Engineer using an Aristo Drum Cylindrical Slide Rule

Lydia J. Pickup at Boeing Co., Seattle (1968), Past Society of Women Engineers (SWE) President

Joseph Griffith Reed (1867-1969) Australian Physicist and Radio Engineer. Designed the Reed Electronic engineer's slide rule

Sir James Hopwood Jeans (1877-1946), British Physicist and Mathematician, First to propose that matter is continuously created throughout the universe. (courtesy of Peter Hopp)

Ir. S.G.J.H. van Schaik (1943) Managing Director of AKU, (Algemene Kunstzijde Unie), later AKZU, in Holland. Painted by the Dutch artist Carel Willink (1900-1983). (courtesy of Peter Hopp)

Portrait of an unknown gentleman painted by the well-known and prolific painter William Derby, (1786-1847).

Detroit?s Industry by Diego Rivera, Detroit Institute of Arts, 2007, presumed to be of Henry Ford. (courtesy of Bryan Purcell and peter Hopp)

Univ of Missouri Society Of Women Engineers (1972)

Univ of Missouri Society Of Women Engineers Float (1980)

U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Cadet with K&E Decilon SR from 1973 Yearbook. Courtesy of Jeff Ilseman, class of 1975.

Cadet Douglas Jenkins, US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Class of 1964 (photo by Fred Malmstrom, NMI Civ USAFA/CWCH)

Constance Badington Smith, RAF (1944) First to identify the V1 pulse-jet flying bomb

Slide rule in use (1950) Aeronatical Systems Center

Pudue 1942 Aeronautic Structures Class

William Hartree, father of Douglas Hartree (Late 1930s)

Japanese Students In a National Slide Rule Contest.

WWII Bombadier captain plotting adjustments for wind drift in nose of B-17 bomber (1942)

Thomas Jefferson HS, Port Arthur, TX, Slide Rule Club (1960)

W. Kuybysheva, Russian Chemical Engineer 1936 (Kuibyshev Industrial Institute)

St Petersburg State Polytechnical Univ - Math Instruments Display

Prof.N.S. Stefutin, Secretary M.V. Ivanov, Assoc V.K. Shahno, St Petersburg State Polytechnical Univ

German scientist (1946)

Los Alamos AntiProton Equipment (1955) From left, Emilio Segr?Clyde Wiegand, Edward Lofgren, Owen Chamberlain, and Thomas Ypsilantis, members of the team that discovered the antiproton ...more at lbl.gov

St Leonards_School, Warlingham, Surrey (1967) by Bob Hope Daily Herald (Science & Society)

UTO Factory Article (Danish) contributed by IJ Schuitema

UTO Factory Article (Danish) contributed by IJ Schuitema

Air Force crews plotting course for operation Big Lift (1963)

Crick And Watson (1953) by Antony Barrington Brown

Crick And Watson (1953) by Antony Barrington Brown

Crick And Watson (1953) by Antony Barrington Brown

Slide Rule Club (1963), Pasmona High School, Vancouver, B.C. 1963 United States Champions

WWII Submarine Coning Tower (1943).

Sir Franck WHITTLE (1907-1996) British Engineer

Franck Whittle with Slide Rule Painting

Sir Franck Whittle Turbine Portrait

MIT students taking calculus exam (1956)

MIT students studying in dorm room (1956)

Met Life Ad for Engineers, l2-4-66

USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB (c1950)

USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB (c1950)

USAF Test Pilot School Patch

British RAF liaison officers at US 8th Air Force Bomber Command (1942)

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule Clubs (1958) Page 80 Picture 1

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule Clubs (1958) Page 80 Picture 2

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 77

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 76 Picture 1

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 76 Picture 2

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 78 Picture 1

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 78 Picture 2

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 78 Picture 3

Slide Rule On Hip - Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 78 Picture 4

Carrollton HS, TX (1960) Slide Rule Clubs Page 128 Picture 1

Carrollton HS, TX (1960) Slide Rule Clubs Page 128 Picture 2

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule Clubs (1958) Pg082

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule Clubs (1959) Pg079

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Pg08

Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule Clubs (1960) Pg131

Woodall Inductries Inc - Advertisment

"To a Slide-rule Widow", Boeing Recruiting Ad

Japanese worker making Hemmi SR's (linked to pre-1940 manufacturing process)

Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove (1964) Columbia Pictures. He is calculating the time people must spend underground, using the half life of something called "Cobalt Thorium G" He comes up with 100 years.

1965 movie Flight Of The Phoenix starring Jimmy Stewart.

Iowa State Slide Rule Class (1934)

Englewood High School class K&E 1933 Catalog)

Prospector Yearbook (1970), Colorado School Of Mines, Golden, Colorado. (contributed by Brian Mack)

Peter F. Lotus Corp ad (Fortune Magazine April 1952)

Two color radar (1948).

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Display, Slide_Rules

NASA Display, Astronaut Neil Armstrong's Slide Rule (Apollo 11)

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev (1906-1965) Chief Designer Of Soviet Spacecraft

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Display, Sergei P. Korolev (Nestler Nr37 Electro Slide rule)

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Display, Wernher Von Braun (Nestler Nr37 Electro Slide rule)

Jarman Shoe ad

"100 Extra Engineers", IBM Slide Rule advertisement, National Geographic (1952)

Slide Rule Cufflinks and Tie Clasp Ad (Popular Mechanics)

Gilbert Newton Lewis (1902) MIT Museum

William Hultz Walker (1869-1934) MIT Museum (Chemical Engineering)

1908 Giant Cylindrical Slide Rule comprising two wheels with scales on the outside edge. Each can rotate separately from the other, with a foot operated brake to lock the wheels while transfering calculations. The diameter looks to be about 4 feet which gives a scale length of 150 inches,or 15 times the length of a standard slide rule.

Talus Furniture Slide Rule Clock Made with Legos See it work

Slide Rule watch (1950) (top picture)

Vitro Corporation ad (Fortune Magazine)

Breitling Chronomat Ad (1948)

Loyd Photo as student (1959) Slide Rule and Desk

Calculating by slide rule (EPA 1973) Archive Research Catalog

CIE Slide Rule Ad

Watch In Space! - Breitling Navitimer Chronomat Ad

Randolph Community College, Instructor Ronald Biddle, Electrical Maintenance Students (1964)

Univ of Cincinnati Computer Science

Danforth W. Hagler (VP) Georgia Iron Works, designer of the Hydraulic Slide Rule by Pickett (now at ISRM)

IBM ad in Foundry Magazine (Nov 1967) showing Georgia Iron Works slide rule in background.

Math Department Display of instruments issued to cadets at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs (2009) photo by Fred Malmstrom, NMI Civ USAFA/CWCH

Math Instruments Case Smithsonian

Faber Castell Stamps

Slide Rule Postage Stamps Romania (1957)(reglasdecalculo.com)

NCF Class Using Slide Rules (1965)

Joe Pasquale, shown as Student in 1976 at WHS, now a professor at UCSD.

Colin Barnes of UKSRC in a 1966 article. (England)

MIT Tech Nov 17, 1933 - Walker Slide-Rule Thief Apprehended

MIT Tech Oct 3, 1904 - Get a Slide Rule (ad on left)

McKee Engineering Ad

K&E Building, est1867, 127 Fulton St. Manhattan, NY (1991)

SIC Chemical Engineering ad (Jan 1966)

Illinois Institute Of Technology Electrical Engineering Class (1900-1909)

Illinois Institute Of Technology Math Auditorium (1900-1909)

Illinois Institute of Technology Engineering Class (1941)

Dietzgen Drafting Table with Slide Rule

Frederick Emmons Termnan (1900-1982) painted by JimPallas

Slide Rule Club (1963) Rockdale, TX

College Student c1940-1950

Allegheny Power Systems Ad

DIWA Raknesticka Electro Ad (contributed by IJ Shuitema)

Ir. IJzebrand Schuitema (one of the world's foremost authorities) Slide Rule Display in the Netherlands - Dutch KRING

Texas A-M Sliderule Contest Trophy (1957)

Slide Rule shown in 1972 Enerjet Rocketry Catalog

Maiko (Japan), holding an old DIWA Model 1

Calumet And Hecla Ad

Popular Mechanics Article showing motor driven slide rule. (This is thought to be a hoax).

Orbitometer Satellite Slide Rule to track Sputnik in 1957. Made by St. Joseph High School Radio Club Cleveland, Ohio. Dennis Tommasone and Dennis Skala discuss the Orbitometer with Moderator Mike Stimac. Photo by Fred Imm.

Apollo 13 Mission Control (NASA)

Slide Rule Scenes From the Movie Apollo 13 - Watch for slide rules being used in mission control

Apollo 13 Ground Team Works out solution to return Astronauts

Teacher Pointing to Pickett Demo rule (ISRG)

John Martin Wolfskill (1908-1981) Slide Rule

John Wesley Cell SlideRule (1960) NCSU

J.R. Hoff at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama (1982) in front of an AN/TMQ-5 Radiosonde Recorder. The slide rule was used for computing dew point temperatures in the upper atmosphere. The large circular slide rule on top the Control Recorder (to his right) was used in computing wind data values.

Lawrence (Larry) Luckham at Bell Labs (1960's)

"Slide Rule Charlie" Charles Lepchinsky GWU c1950

350 foot 6.6 inch long Slide Rule enters Guiness Book February 28, 2001, It was 300 lbs, designed by Skip Solberg And Jay Francis and constructed in the Lockeed-Martin Aircraft Assembly Facility at Air Force Plant 4 in Fort Worth, Texas

Charles Lester Reynolds, NASA Seminar July, 2006

Bald mad scientist with slide rule gauges and gizmos

Big Brain by Harry122

Joe Miner, Official Mascot of University of Missouri-Rolla which is now the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Slide Rules and small Drawing Board (1943) Getty Images

Rlide Rule Pedestrian, photo by Eric Wong, Univ Of Utah

Science Cartoon by T. McCracken. See more of Theresa's excellent work at McHumor Cartoons

MIT Slide Rule Class (1997)

Wolfgang Leistritz Engineer In Leipzig, Germany (1960)

Teaching_Mathematics c1957

Teaching_Mathematics c1957

Hamburger Professional School, Germany (1961)

Brewer's Gauging Rule

Slide Rule Watch on Apollo Astronaut on the Moon (left arm) NASA

Raccoon with Slide Rule by Daniel

VanMark Figurine - Masters 0f Learning - Math Teacher with Slide Rule and Calculator

Curso de Regla de Calculo (Class on Slide Rules) ad (1967)(reglasdecalculo.com)

IRS tax form with Slide Rule tag (Spoof) (ISRG)

Container Corp Slide Rule AD (Showing Pickett 600-ES)

Christmas Card from Larry Stewart (International Slide Rule Group)

"Lucky" LarryStewart (International Slide Rule Group)

Make a Slide Rule
Far Out Math

W. Stanley Slide Rule Practice Booklet (1938)

Goodyear Electronic Differential Analyzer advertisement

Japanese Slide Rule Collector

Caution Sign (translation unknown)

Brookins Pluggers Cartoon

Partridge SlideRule (1671) Paris Museum Of Arts And Measure

MIT Tech Talk - Deborah Douglas shows slide rules in MIT Museum

From a Dennert and Pape catalog. D&P became Aristo. (Germany)

1936 class 6C of the Real gymnasium. Contributor Paul Wirz is a student in this class (Switzerland).

See 1944 clip Students using SR's (ref archive films)

Ruth Roman handles Van Johnson's slide rule in the movie "Invitation" (1951)

Dana Andrews in the movie "I Want You" (1950)

Nestler 1967 Catalog Cover (Contributed By J?n Nestler)

J?n Nestler (Great Grandson of Albert Nestler) in German Museum. J?n is an Oughtred Society member.

Nestler Factory (1956) Firmentraktca (founded 1878)

J?n Nestler (Great Grandson of Albert Nestler) in March 2, 2007 Newspaper feature article.

Nestler 1966 School Catalog Cover(Contributed By J?n Nestler)

Walnut Hills HS Cincinnati,OH John_Betz presents his work (1957)

Walnut Hills HS Cincinnati,OH - Student Gretchen Hovemeyer presents before Calculus Class (1957)

Walnut Hills HS Cincinnati,OH - Student Gretchen Hovemeyer presents before Calculus Class (1957)

Walnut Hills HS Cincinnati, OH. Good View of K&E Model 100 Demonstration Rule

Richard Marianis Calculus Essay Class (c1957)

Richard Marianis Calculus Essay Class (c1957)

Richard Marianis Calculus Essay Class (c1957)

Instructor shows use of E6-B for Navigation Training at Kelley Field, TX (1942)

Student Navigator Plotting a Course, Kelley Field, TX (1942)

Army and Navy men attending a Radio Engineering class at Capitol Radio Institute (1941)

Materials given to Student Navigators, Kelley Field, TX (1942). Note the E6-B and a K&E 4070 slide rule.

Student Navigator Looking for landmarks in flight, Kelley Field, TX (1942)

Student Navigator verifying flight path, Kelley Field, TX (1942)

Student Navigator communicating flight data to pilot, Kelley Field, TX (1942)

Navigator and Radio Operator Plotting a Course.

2001 LA Times article featuring pictures of Bob Otnes collection with interviews from collectors Tom Wyman, Eric Mancotte, Craig Watkins, Michael O'Leary, and Berrie Ripin. Scan by Eric Mancotte

Bloom County cartoons drawn by Berkeley Breathed (1988) about the demise of slide rules.

Shell Oil Campaign Promoting Animals In Research (1945)

1998 Mercury Telecomm Ad

Hallicrafters Ad, American Radio Amateur Handbook (1952)

Aristo catalog (1970) Lufthansa

Aristo catalog (1970) Lufthansa

Aristo catalog (1965) "Getting the answer faster"

Aristo catalog (1965) "Getting the answer faster"

Aristo catalog (1965)

From BBC's production of The Last Days Of Steam

From BBC's documentary of Frank Loyd Wright

Cipher Slide Rule, Life Mag

Communications Post Fort Bragg, By Bernard Hoffman, Life

Boeing 707 Flight Engineer

Fortune Magazine, Northrup Aircraft (9-1955)

Fortune Magazine, United Engineers, Artist:Stanley Meltzoff

Fortune Magazine, United Engineers, Artist:Stanley Meltzoff

Glen Elgin Distillery (c1892)

Indicator In Use from The Steam Engine by John Perry (1902) McMillan & Co

K&E Adv in Oct 1953 Penn State Engineer

UK Ministry Of Defence Ad

Norwich Union, Fullers in use (can you find them all?)


Physics World (Mar 2007)

Pooleys Demonstration Flight Computer (still available for £375/$560)

Ross Ensign, British Journal Photographic Almanac (1954)

Saturday Evening Post AE Adv

Saturday Evening Post, Torrington Bearings

Star Trek Mr. Spock uses E6B (two frames)

Star Trek Mr. Spock uses E6B

Tennessee Tech (c1950) Yearbook

NY Times (2-4-99) Are You Too Busy Earning Money To Save Some?

Wilcox Ad 1953 p190 Worksop Calculations Tables And Formulae

British Thorton cat 1970

Electronic Engineeering 1958 G&E Bradley Ad

GEC Publicity Cathode Ray Tube

Savings And Land Bank Ad, Aristo 940 Concrete Slide Rule Shown

Pfaff Ad 1983

A.W. Faber-Castell Ad Your Desk Speaks About You

A.W. Faber-Castell Ad, TR1 Electronic Calculator-SR Two Calculators In One Hand

Faber-Castell, 1997 Article: A Slide Rule Was An Everyday Tool

Faber-Castell 1997 graphic

Breitling Aviation Pilot's Watch

Breitling Pilot Watch Ad 2006

Joshua Routledge (1773-1829)created the Routledge Engineer's Slide Rule circ 1805 and invented the Rotary Steam Engine, Bolton Library portrait.

Portrait of Joshua Routledge 1773-1829. Painter unknown. Original stored in Bolton Museum Art Gallery Archives..

Sir Stanley Hooker (1907-1984) On Right with John Heniott and Frank Whittle (c1942 )

Rex K. Pierson - Chief Designer at Vickers Aviation, Weybridge c1930

Sir Barnes Wallis (1887-1979)

Sir Barnes Wallis (1887-1979)

Academy Award winner Gordon H. Cook c1960 Chief Lens Designer, Cooke Optics Ltd, Leicester

George Bousfield (1856-1902) c1887_Vade Mecum Slide Rule

Frederic (1900-1958) and Irene (1897-1956) Joliot-Curie, daughter and son-in-law of Marie Curie

Dmitri Maksutov (1896-1964) Pulkovo Observatory Russia c1950

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden (1866-1932)1st Two way Transatlantic communication

Design Team SS Uganda (c1952) James Wilson, Walter Macleay, and John Hamilton

Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) Science Fiction Author with Slide Rule

Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) Manhattan Project

Enrico Fermi USA stamps, first issiue cover 2001

Frederick David Edwards CBE (1889-1966) Father Of High Vacuum

Austin Packard Farrar (1913-2004) Inventor Of The Pulpit On Modern Yachts

Jules Dujardin (1857-1947) Oenologie Catalog 1928

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) in Salon 1886, Dujardin Catalog 1928

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) in Salon 1886, Dujardin Catalog 1928

Time Magazine Aug1943 Abbot Burns Designer Of Graphical Firing Table Slide Rule for Artillery

Edward Teller (1908-2003) Weapons Designer

Don Charlwood 1943 Author Of: No Moon Tonight at Navigators Table, Lancaster

Thomas J. Watson (1874-1956) with Frederick L. Fuller of IBM

Gerry Openshaw G2BTO working at Wartime RSS DF (radio) Station

Bill Hewlett (d2001) and David Packard (d1996) c1939, founders of Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Bill Hewlett, co founder of Hewlett-Packard, Holds an early Pickett magnesium slide rule on the 20th anniversery (1992) of the HP-35 Electronic Slide Rule which made the slide rule obsolete.

Trevor Baylis, UK Inventor Of Wind Up Radio,Photo By Alex Benwall, Times 2003

William Russell (1920-2006) of Russell-Hobbs, Founded 1952

Reimar Horten (c1920-1994) Designed the WWII Era German Ho229 Flyingwing Jet Aircraft c1945

Zepplin Anton Witteman (Navigator), Dr. Hugo Eckener (Captain) LZ126 Los Angeles 1924

Wern Brothers Carl and George, Designers Of IWA Slide Rules, c1950

Loga User From De Loga Calculators by Nico Smallenburg 2004

Loga User From De Loga Calculators by Nico Smallenburg 2004

NASA X15 Engineers Ken Iliff and Dale Reed, Langley Lenticular Lifting Body

Society Of Women Engineers

Le Tourneau Technical Institute, Texas. Slide Rule Class

IIT Engineering Class Using Slide Rules1941

The Mimes (c1913) University Of Michigan

Berkeley University Coed Showing Pickett Slide Rule

Stephen Swenson, University Of Wisconsin 1970s

North Carolina State University 1970s

Escola Americana, Rio de Janiero. Carioca 1950 Yearbook, Seniors: Wiczek and Stekley

Bergschule Bochum School Of Mines, Germany c1960

Bergschule Bochum School Of Mines, Germany c1960

Resonance Measurement Article, Westermanns Monatshefte, July1969

Michigan State University faculty compares a K&E Model 100 demonstration slide rule from 1960 with their computer.

US Dept Of Health Education And Welfare Booklet office Of Education 1963

D&P Frederick Mueller (1922-1975) and Rolf Jaeger (1914-1979)

D&P Reinhard Klein from 55 Years Of D&P

Aristo Quality Control 1972 Brochure

Greg Cosimini collector,April 1996, Twin Cities Collector

Harry V Keefe Jr 1922 - From American Banker, Dec1922. Founder of Keefe, Bruyete And Woods Investment Bank

Ralph Rawlings, Tasmania, collector. Australian Post 26-11-87

Giovanni Pastore,Italy. collector. From Times Higher Education Supplement 14-05-04

Cornered The Slide Rule Market

"The XIVth Dalai Lama and Disciple discuss (a possible) Slide Rule" as thought by some collectors. Its not. Its a scroll with a ribbon around it.

"An unidentified Asian Ecclesiastic man and the Duke Of Edinburgh Compare (possible) Slide Rules", as thought by some collectors. Its not. Its a scroll with a ribbon around it.

Chemistry In Action, D.C. Heath Co. Boston 1958

Mr. Tweedy Slide Rule Bankruptcy

Outland by Berkeley Breathed Slide Rule 12-26-1993

Ron Manley from Men And Collections c2001

Gerald Stancey UKSRC 1956

David Grey UKSRC, Winner Of European Speed Slide Rule Contest 2002

David Grey UKSRC

Werner Rudowski UKSRC, Working In Japan

Werner Rudowski UKSRC, SR Exhibition In Bochum, Germany 1991

Werner Rudowski UKSRC, SR Exhibition In Bochum Germany 1991

Francis Wells UKSRC 1999

Peter Hopp UKSRC at Smithsonian Institute Math History Museum 2002

Tom Wyman, Oughtred Society, Presenting To School 2006

Herman van Herwijnen (1929-2004) UKSRC with Demonstration Slide Rules

Richard Smith Hughes UKSRC, Chief Designer Of Shrike Missile Electronics

Hugh Tidy (d2005) UKSRC c1956

John V. Knott (1919-2005) UKSRC from Collectomania

Clay Castleberry OS UKSRC 2007

Paul Wirz Real gymnasium Basil Switzerland, before (1936) and after (1998).

Michael West UKSRC Managing Director of Frome Tool And Gauge Co, Somerset

John Rendell UKSRC, c1959 As a Young Man Being Shown How To Use SR,Womans Own Magazine

David Whythe UKSRC 1980, Inventor Of Whythe Complex Number Slide Rule

Rechenschieber Sammler Treff (RST) Meeting at Alten School

First European Open Slide Rule Competition, Leamington Spa, 27-OCT-2002

Pre-UKSRC 1989, Jim Andrews,Werner Rudowski,John Knot, Dr. Brian Lloyd, and RichardKnight

Pre-UKSRC 1989,The Beginning Of UKSRC

Guenter Kugel RST, 2004 From Nordrhein-Westfalen

Bob Thaves, cartoonist, 1940s from Book Of Madness,University Of Minnisota

Cartoons from Stanford University magazine Chaparral c1960

Acme Slide Rules Wall Street Journal

Mathew Pritchett Daily Telegraph Millenium Bug

Spanked With Slide Rule, National Lampoon Art Poster Book 1975

Oliver Wendell Jones chased by his Slide Rule - BerkeleyBreathed

C.O. Harris from Slide Rule Simplified 1943

National Lampoon Yearbook, Slide Rule Club 1964

Madam Hildas cartoon Mysteries Of The Slide Rule Unveiled

German Slide Rule Cartoon

German Slide Rule Cartoon

Cartoon by Harley Schwadron, 2002 Tribune Media

Cartoonbank Abbacus Is Down

Daily Mail Political Cartoon 2004

Abucus Cartoon

Cartoon Mocking Dr. Peter Mark Rogets Inventions 1975, Thesaurus and Log Log Slide Rule

Dudley Williams, Sir Frank Whittle and J.C.B.(Col) Tinling

Baldessano Plotting Fire Mission, B 1/77th FDC Artillery Vietnam 1970

1977 Longest Slide Rule of 12 Meters, Clarence T. Hay, Randy R. and Jeff H. Meyer Of Huron Heights Secondary School, New Market, Ontario, Canada

WWII British WAAF with Weather SR Article In The Business 1-13-2001

Man Holding Plow Plane And Two Foot Ruler With Slide

Keisan Team Slide Rule, Kanazawa Municiple Technical High School, Japan

2006 Ch4 TV Series On Returning To Old Fashioned Teaching Methods

Lane Community College, Oregon c1970

Syracuse University Professors Inspect A Thacher Cylindrical Slide Rule

Measuring Casks - 16th Century Austria, from 1989 Barrel Mensuration And Ullage byRobertENelson

Boethius And Pythagoras, from G. Reish, Margarit Philosophica 1503

Joseph In His Shop, c1425 Early Instrument Maker by Robert Campin

Nevil Shute, Slide Rule An Autobiography Of An Engineer

Physics Of Blown Sand And Desert Dunes by Ralph A. Bagnold 1941

1985-86 TV Series Mapp And Lucia Showing Fuller Slide Rule

1964-68 TV Series Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea with actor Richard Basehart

Nicktoons Episode Hail To The President 2005

1954 Ealing File The Maggie starring Paul Douglas

1970s TV Series UFO actor Ed Bishop holding Slide Rule

July 2005 Readers Digest About The Curta by Cliff Stoll

Secret War by Brian Johnson 1979, 1940-41 English Navigator Doing Dead Reckoning

Battle Of Britian by Len Deighton 1980, German Aircrew Planning Attack c1940

Russian Pilots WWII

Air Navigation by Herbert S. Zim, 1943 US Army Pilots Doing Dead Reckoning Flight Planning

German Luftwaffe Crew Plotting Course Using Dreieckrechner

German Luftwaffe Navigators Using Dreieckrechner

Air Traffic Controller The World At War Sep 1939-April 1944

Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Pilots 1943 Flight International Aug 1989

German Enigma Being Decoded 1940 The Secret War by Brian Johnson 1979

German Enigma Being Decoded 1940 The Secret War by Brian Johnson 1979

William Oughtred Images

Gaugers At Work from Round London by George Newness 1866

Excise Officer from The Excise Officers And Their Duties by John Pink 2002

Guagers At Work Customs And Excise History Network Crown

Jules Dujardin And Assistant, Alcohol Measurment Dujardin Paris Catalog 1928

BBC TV Series The Great War - No25 Artillery Slide Rule

Czech Artillery Spotters WWII

British Artillery Spotters In Malta WWII

Photo of Lt.A. Becket And Lee And Myself Observing, Shoeburyness July 1901

Applied Observation Of Fire MKVI c1902-03

Artillery Course Shoeburyness 1901

5th Army M/Sgt Frank E. Rogore And Major Ivan E. Jackson, Sessa Italy 1944

Railway Workers Steam Engineers c1890

Georgia Institute Of Technology, Slide Rule And Planimeter

Engineer - US Dept Labor from National Compensation Survey

2002 Braintree And Witham Times, Charity Fancy-Dress Cross-Country Flight

2002 Classic Racer BSA Team At IOM-TT 1921 No Slide Rules Graffiti on wall

Sky And Telescope Magazine Sep 2002 What You Dont Need

Adam Hart-Davis uses Astrolab TV Series What The Tudors Did For Us

Der Rechenschieber by H.W. Fricke, L. Lehmann, Helmar Leipzig 1961

Astounding Science Fiction Feb 1959, artist Frank Kelly Freas

Playboy April 1959 Slide Rule Cover Plans For A Wondeful Weekend

William Henry Fowler or Harold Fowler at Fowler Factory 1905

From Chemistry In Action D.C. Heath Co. Boston 1958

Sculptor: Death Of The Slide Rule by Werner Rudowski 1989

Statue Of Harold R. Pape, 1903-1975, Moncova, North Mexico, Philanthropist who ran AHMSA

Sir Isaac Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi 1995

Universitat Greifswald architecture

Dino Bencini Figurine Engineer With Slide Rule c1960

Modified Cartoon, Mocking a slide rule Collector by his wife

MIT slide rule sculptor 1990 on campus

Acumath ad c1960's Have Slide Rule Will Travel

KE Demo SR with Woman

Clayton State University, Georgia 2004 Yellow Slide Rule Award Recipients. A traveling trophy given to staff members for a somewhat humorous action.

Flight Path Sci-Fi Movie 1969

Elyria (Ohio) High School Scholarship Winners 1957

University Of Buffalo Slide Rule Exhibit

Cornell University'a Annual Dragon Day Parade (2000) with Giant Slide Rule

'Dad's' Big Slide Rule (name Unknown)

Jerry-b slide rule and other accesories kept in car to easily calculate gas milage

Buergi Joost (1552-1632) Lichtensteig Switzerland, Invented Logaritms in 1614 at the same time as Napier, who published first.

Dad's (name unknown) Slide Rule, was used around 1945, then recently given to his son.

Jed Hartman playing with Slide Rule as an infant

Oregon State University (OSU) Engineering Mascot Benny Beaver Slide Rule and T-square Decal (1975)

John Madl Scholarship, John gives Versalog Demo Rule to Lake Superior State University Engineering department

Lear Jet Captain Shows Flight Officer How To Use Slide Rule (from Bob Soltis)

London Science Museum sliderule display

7 foot Pickett Demonstration Slide Rule transported on a BMW Motorcycle

Slide Rule Tie Bar Ad

University of Tasmania Demo SR

Rodger Shepard And Thomas Wyman Holding Welch Demo Slide Rule. Both Gentleman members of the Oughtred Society.

US Naval Academy 1953

US Naval Academy 1955, Midshipmen Steve Kaiser

USNA Winning The Cold War Mural Academics Panel. Gifted in 1995 from the class of 1955.

McCarran Airport Museum, Las Vegas, NV. B-17 Load Adjuster Slide Rule in Display.(Photo By R.Morris)

Wojciech Sawicki Lectures On Slide Rules, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, June 2008

Suwak Logarytmiczny (Logarithmith Slider) Collection Of Wojciech Sawicki, Warsaw Technological University, Poland

Polish Magazine Article on Wojciech Sawicki's Display at Warsaw polytechnic 2005 (PDF)

National Council Of Reserve Officers In Brazil c1940

Dr. Werner Schmidt and Werner Girbart, in Greifswald, Germany, show their 2009 Oughtred Society Award as printed in the Donerstag Newspaper.

Artur Ewert (Germany/GDR) Looks at his Reiss Slide Rule that he designed c1969

WWII artwork on a Bristol Beaufighter RAF Squadron 603. From book called "The British Beaufighter - a comprehensive guide for the modeller" by RA Franks, SAM Publications, Bedford, UK, 2002. The Latin words INCERTI QUO FATA FERRENT mean "Uncertain what Fate brings".

Mike Konshak shows current and past technology for Louisville Times (Colorado) article on 10-7-2009 about his 2009 Oughtred Society Award.

Dupont Teflon Ad showing Dietzgen Microglide Slide Rule (c1960)

Spanish Military Plays with pet dog and Slide Rule. circa WWII. Contributed by Jose Robledo, Spain.

Popular Mechanics Feb 1948 Cover Pg81 Book Ad The Slide Rule and How to Use It

Star Trek's Mr. Spock with aviation Slide Rule

Star Trek Crew with Circular Slide Rules

Star Trek Crew with Circular Slide Rules

Purdue University Statue Neil Armstrong Center

Purdue University Statue Neil Armstrong Center, Close up of Slide Rule.

Statue of Mathew Boulton (1728-1809), James Watt (1736-1819) and William Murdoch (1754-1839) studying a plan of a steam engine designed by William Boyle on Broad Street in Birmingham, England. Boulton holds slide rule.

Boulton-Watt-Murdoch Statue. Birmingham,England. Close up of Boulton's slide rule.

Collector Peter Owen and his Post Versalog Demonstration Slide Rule.

Ray (Last name unknown) With Pickett DEmo SR at MIT Cardinal And Grey Event 2009. (Flickr: BarbaraJean)

Georgia Tech Alumni House Display. (Flickr: The_Varners)

WW2 Radar Research Museum Display. (Flikr: Bob_the_bolder)

Sliderule Exhibit, Bay Model Visitors Center Sausalito, California (Flikr: MaryMactavish)

World Almanac 1944, Book Ad Mathematics Made Simple

Lane Tech Slide Rule Club c1069 (Flickr: Patchman999)

Pratt Institute Students Using K&E 101 Demo Slide Rule

Linus Pauling 20 inch Slide Rule. Oregon State University Libraries - Special Collections Reading Room

Mexia High School, Mexia, Texas. Class of 1959. Slide Rule Club (Flickr: macavityabc)

J.C. Carter Self portrait (1956) Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK.

Eugene (last name unknown) at desk. Post Versalog Under Book. (Flikr: Randall_T)

Artillery Slide Rule in the museum on the Battleship USS New Jersey.

Iowa State Univ (1942) Slide Rule Display from the VEISHEA Open House in the Division Engineering.

Computer History Museum, Mountainview California. Slide Rule Exhibit. Many of these donated by the ISRM.

Pickett Demo SR Black Rock 2007 (Flickr: Phrynosoma)

Slide Rule Art by Jon Delorey

Slide Rule Art by Jon Delorey

KE Model 101 Demo SR helf by Cousin of Mark and Bert (Flickr)

Slide Rule Christmas Present (Flickr: ironklad)

Slide Rule Guitar Frets by Ilya Sivov 2009

Science Digest Cover, December 1960. Image of boy (child prodigy) getting a slide rule for Christmas.

Popular Science slide rule Ad

Heathkit Slide Rule Calculator Ad

Scenes from the movie Tuskegee Airmen, (1995, HOB). Training session shows K&E Demonstration Slide Rule in background.

Montage of UTO Slide Rule Factory pictures. Contributed by I.J.Schuiteme

Three Capetian French scholars consulting an astrolabe, ca. AD 1200

Marlboro Ad with slide rule

Pluggers Cartoon by Gary Brookins Published 11-3-2009

Cover to the German book Der Rechenstab und seine Verwendung (1970) by Dr.Helmar Lehmann.

German Mathematik Katalog (2006-2007) with slide rule teaching tools for math.

International Meeting of Rechschieber and Calulators Collectors (2001) at Deutsches Museum, Munich. High School Students learn about slide rules.

RST (German Speaking Slide Rule Collectors) Meeting (2005) Hamburg's Museum, Germany teach students slide rules.

Ben-Nejat and Turkish Friends with Aristo Studio Slide Rules (1967) Netherlands.

Professor A.M. (LIFE Images) Circular Slide Rule Shown (c1930)

Student Drawing (2001) Abucus Class www.buhniversum.de

Circular Slide Rule for Navigation shown in the Movie Memphis Belle

Buzz Aldrin in Apollo 11 capsule with weightless Picket N600-ES slide_rule. (Note: The model slide rule is eye-saver yellow but this appears to be a Model N600-T)

rs-Vitrinen Und Demostab-gross (Musuem exhibit in Germany)

Aristo 903LL Rechenschieber zu Demonstrationszwecken. (Children being shown a demonstration Aristo 903LL slider rule)

Dr. Presper Eckert (left) creator of ENIAC computer. Engineer leaning on post holds a slide rule.

Newspaper article about collector Walter Shawlee in Canada.

Darby Conley (2002) cartoon Bucky wants Compass, Slide Rule and... Courtesy of United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Darwin Slide Rule, a graphic by Larry Stewart.

Do you see a slide rule? Only a collector would grasp this illusion.

Winning at Work by Dr. Florence Seaman and Anne Lorimer. Book for women professionals. Contributed By Foo Cheow Ming

Professor Bergman with Hemmi 262P. 1970 TV Series Space 1999

The Life Explorer Vol 3 Issue 6 (2004) Asian Scientific Article on slide rules (1.18MB PDF)

Smart Investor Cover November 2002

Scientific American Article May 2006 When Slide Rules Ruled by Cliff Stoll (16.8MB PDF)

Pour La Science Article (French) Nov 2005 Slide Rule Extinction Programme by Noel Jouenne (3.98MB PDF)

"Buzz" Carpenter with SR-71 Blackbird, used for USAF Intelligence. According to Buzz, The SR-71 was the first stealth aircraft (non-detectable by radar) and the last to be designed with a slide rule.

2001 Sexiest Geek. Mill's college Professor Ellen Spertus wears her dad's (graduate of MIT) slide rule holstered to leg at awards pageant.

Frederick Post Slide Rule Retail Display - Try Before You Buy!

Pickett Slide Rule Retail Display Stand. Tom Bullock Collection.

Movie The Hindenburg (1975) George C. Scott Inspects Passenger's Circular Sliderule, thinking it was used for coded messages of a corporate spy. It turns out it was for betting on horses. Time frame 1937.

From a Cleveland Institute of Electronics correspondence school Pamphlet (1969)

Nestler Factory (Slide Rule) Quality Control Inspector

Nestler Factory (Slide Rule) (Rechenstab Endkontrolle) - Worker adjusting Cursor to Index

Jürgen Nestler (Right) stands next to Mayor (left) of Lahr, Germany. Opening day of Nestler Exhibit.

Opening day of Nestler Exhibit at Lahr Museum - Lahr, Germany.

Opening day of Nestler Exhibit at Lahr Museum - Lahr, Germany. Attendees look at demonstration slide rule.

Uchida Yoko Corporation Museum's innovative Projection Table. Project manager Nobuhiko Hirayama demonstrates by placing a small block that contains an image of a slide rule on the table, and an RIFD chip tells a computer what to display on the table top. (2007)

From Popular Electronics - June 1958 Article about Electronic Computers Full Article (1.4 MB PDF)

Popular Science Ad, May 1960, Wizard_adding_machine

Motorola Engineering Recruitment Ad - Mention of SR, but no image.

Two accountants using Swiss Daemon-Schmid (Loga) Cylindrical Slide Rule in the Tabulating Office of the French 1911 Census. picture courtesy of J.F. Ptak Books

Hoboken (New Jersey) Historical Museum, K&E Exhibit Flyer Jan 31 - Dec23, 2010. Slide rules for the tours are supplied by the ISRM.

In Like Flint 1967 Movie. Derek Flint (James Coburn) pulls a Slide Rule (in the form of a measuring tape) out of his multi-function watch. He's calculating the heartbeat rate of Russian astronauts. He determines they are females.

Zorglub with sliderule (1962). From the Belgian comic strip series Spirou et Fantasio album No. 16 "L'ombre du Z" (1962). Mad scientist, Zorglub, is holding a sliderule and is being disturbed by honking in the driveway. (contributed by Etienne Sourd, Montral, Canada).

William S. Roe of the 66th Engineer Topographic Company (Japan) Using a Slide Rule. Bill Roe later helped to found the National Association of Rocketry (NAR#13).

Bob Barley (Left) and John Roe (w/Pith Helmet) members of 1959 NAR Peak City Section, Reduces Altitude Data With Slide Rule

Over the Hedge Cartoon, March 16, 2005, by Michael Fry and T. Lewis.

Circular Slide Rule used by navigator in 1990 Movie Hunt For red October starring Sean Connery.

Convair Ad with Slide Rule, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, March 1957, (provided by Doug Harland)

Douglas Aircraft Ad with Slide Rule, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, June 1957, (provided by Doug Harland)

A.W. Faber-Castell Pencil Ad with Slide Rule, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, May 1964, (provided by Doug Harland)

Calculating with slide rule inside u.s. weather service van. Personnel run checks on weather from information received from thermasondes released 45 minutes before release of tetroons. Los Angeles Reactive Pollutant Program (LARPP, Sep 1973),

Sir Frederick Handley Page (1885-1962). In 1909 he turned his shed in Gloustershire, England into Great Britian's first publicly traded aircraft company, Handley Page, Ltd which prospered into the jet age.

Slide Rule shown on witness stand, Dragnet TV Show (1967-1970) Contributed By Craig Kielhofer (ISRG Yahoo Group)

Teacher with Pickett Slide Rule, Contributed By Craig Kielhofer (ISRG Yahoo Group)

Marie Smith, lab technician at Billings Hospital in Chicago (1942-44) using a K&E 4053-5 20 inch long slide rule. Contributed by her daughter Linda Jacobson, Forest City, IA

Clay Castleberry (1947) at Oregon State College (now OSU), Corvallis, OR. Clay is now retired and a SR collector, Fellow of the Oughtred Society and contributor to the ISRM.

Slide rules in action (footage circa 1960) seen on TV during the 2010 program Modern Marvels Episode:"The Grid" about the development of the United States power grid.

Slide rules in action (footage circa 1960) seen on TV during the 2010 program Modern Marvels Episode:"The Grid" about the development of the United States power grid.

Slide rules in action (footage circa 1960) on TV during the 2010 program Modern Marvels Episode:"The Grid" about the development of the United States power grid.

Pedro Perez kneels and checks the workings of a 320-foot-long wooden slide rule in front of Alvirne High School, Hudson, New Hampshire on March 22, 1979. The Guinness Book of World Records shows it in the 1980 edition. From an article published April 21, 2010 by David Brooks Nashua Telegraph

Rick Gold was 15 years old when he took this self-portrait with a Yashica 35mm camera on Tri-x FILM to document his Westinghouse Science Talent Search project in 1961. Far Rockaway, NY , USA

Slide Rule based Computer - Cartoon in the New Yorker magazine

Slide Rule Character in Earth-ML Comic

Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) Slide Rule Ad 1965 Popular Science Pg100

Slide Rule shown in the movie Titanic 1997. The ship's designer comtemplates the design.

Senior Sergeant Mikhail Kalashnikov (Kalasnyikov) the inventor of the automatic rifle named after him and designed in 1947. More about Kalishnikove

Senior Sergeant Mikhail Kalashnikov (Kalasnyikov) working on the AK-47 assault rifle's design at a drafting board. His slide rule rests on the tray. Kalishnikov is the inventor of the automatic rifle named after him and designed in 1947. He turned 90 in 2009. More about Kalishnikove

Auburn University "Engineers" decal showing slide rule on Engineer's hip. Cost $0.29. Donated By Amin Aur, who purchased this in 1974 in the Univ Bookstore. He graduated in 1979 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering He worked at General Dynamics, then joined the USAF and currently works at Southwest Airlines.

Auburn University "Engineers" decal showing slide rule on Tiger's hip. Cost $2.00. Donated By Amin Aur, who purchased this in 2011 in the Univ Bookstore. He graduated in 1979 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering He worked at General Dynamics, then joined the USAF and currently works at Southwest Airlines.

Nestler Cylindrical Slide Rules Used By Merchants in Germany (c1930)

Universal Circle Metric Converter Pencil Cup, Black. Original design by Ole Jorgensen (c)1970. Made by Creative Workshop, Inc., Copenhagen, Denmark.

International Metric Converter Pencil Caddy. Red. Made in Hong Kong 1976 by Better Ideas.

ISRM - Slide Rule Scales Pencil Cup. Four rotating cylinders. Original design by Ole Jorgensen (c)1970. Made by Creative Workshop, Inc., Copenhagen, Denmark.

ISRM - New American MetricCaddy. White. Two rotating cylinders. Made in Hong Kong 1976 by Better Ideas.

Working Slide Rule in the form of a Pencil Cup, Wojciech Sawicki Collection

Movie Sky Captain World Of Tomorrow (2004), Engineer Dex (Giovanni Ribisi) with Navigation Slide Rule (E6-B).

Slide Rule Cake in celebration of the Oughtred Society's 20th Anniversery. Presented by Debbie Douglas of the MIT Museum.The IM2011 attendees gather around the cake.

The Dish Movie (2000) Slide Rule Images. Starring Sam Neil, Kevin Harrington.

Rocketship X-M Movie (1950) Slide Rule Images.

Draft-A-Plan_Kit with Lawrence Slide Rule (contributed by David Rance UK)

Gemini XII Mission Image - Major Aldrin (1966). Photograph of Major Edwin E. Aldrin with pipe in mouth and a slide rule floating near by inside spacecraft taken during the Gemini XII mission. Original magazine number was GEM12-11-62984.

The women of the Computer Department at NACA High-Speed Flight Research Station are shown busy with test flight calculations. Shown in this photograph, in the back of the room, is Dorothy Clift Hughes using a slide rule to complete data calculations.

NASA Ames. Historical Recruiting poster (c1950) of Cleve E Voss holding model of B-47, Douglas D-558-2, 6x6ft w.t. & slide rule NOTE: Poster recovered from Voss's wife and copied from the (bedroom) door to which it had been adhered. (July 19, 1996 photo copy)

UIL medal for Slide Rule Competition 1969. Paul Tarantolo of Houston, Texas, won this 2nd Place Medal in his district while in high school. His team mate won 1st place. They both used a circular Gilson Binary slide rule while the other competitors all used straight 10" models, typically made by Pickett.

Engineering Instruments Sales Brochure (1958) (contributed by David Rance UK)

Gold Slide Rule Tie Clasp Made In Japan

Slide Rule Tie Clasp c1950. Owned and worn by Ward Anthony who was an aerospace engineer at Martin Marietta in Colorado. Donated By his son Russ Anthony.

Hand Pointing Pencil At Early Transistor with K&E Slide Rule On Desk, 1949 (Found on Ebay)

Lawrence Secret Code Maker Box Cover (contributed by Kenneth Lewis)

Harry T. Gisborne is shown using an early fire danger meter to predict forest fire activity in Kaniksu National Forest in 1937. Gisborne engineered this simple slide rule-like device that USFS foresters could carry with them in the field. The meter made fire prediction easy and accessible, with consistent results. The meter shown in the panel is a 1954 model 8-W.

Dr. Robert B. Abernethy, known worldwide for his expertise in jet engine performance, measurement uncertainty analysis and Weibull analysis is shown doing a Wiebull analysis using a sliderule (1963). Dr. Bob holds the patent on a feature of the J58 Pratt & Whitney J-58 engine that powers the world's fastest aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird.

1902 Georgia Tech Indicating Textile Engine.Students Work With Slide Rule And Planimeter.

Miss Industrial Engineer 1958. Sponsored by American Institute of Industrial Engineers week.

Miss Industrial Engineer 1958. Sponsored by American Institute of Industrial Engineers week.

Oklahoma University Engneering Queen Candidates pose with teaching slide rule. (c1930)

December 1958 Holiday Magazine - Arrow Shirt ad with K&E slide rule. (Courtesy of retroedtech.com).

Dale Reed (right) and Ken Iliff, using a slide rule, pictured with the Langley lenticular lifting body and theM2-F2 models on the table. (E 15468) NASA.

Author Griff Borgeson slide rules out some test figures. (Car and Driver Magazine).

Operation Thinking Cap - Remington Rand Ad in Modern Mechanix (Dec 1954) "It takes more than a slide rule alone, these days, to perform the computations necessary for scientific problems such as those encountered in atmospheric research. The scientist of today..."

Sievers, Wolfgang, 1913-2007. Engineer with slide rule at Kelly and Lewis engineering works, Springvale, Victoria, 1949

Does anything say old school ENGINEER quite like the symbology of a slide rule and a drafting square precariously balanced on the fulcrum of a pyramid emblazoned with the symbol of a mysterious society? "This was the patch of my Explorer Scout Post, back in the day." (Author inknown)

Lockheed Aircraft - Flight Deck Of Constellation, Flight Engineer With Slide Rule.

Slide Rule Ring - for the discriminating engineer! 2 scales rotating about a cylindrical axis.

Golden Gate Bridge aired on PBS's American Experience in 2004 showing a 20" slide rule and a Cylindrical Thacher.

MIT's Debora Douglas with the K&E donation to the University Museum. See more at: MIT Techtalk Nesletter (674 KB PDF)

Abucus In The Classroom

IBM Engineer William Dersch. Alumni of Brigham Young Academy

Slide Rule Display - Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito, California

Assembler in the Addiator Factory in Germany (preWWII) (Addiator-Besuch-2-Lackierarbeiten-Innenwerk)

The Bat Rule Ad (1970) published in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #105 with actual specimen in the Natiuonal Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Mary Worth Cartoon Feb28,1949 mentioning a slide rule that was stolen.

Dietzgen Ad, "The Electronic Slide Rule", Scientific American.Feb 1973.

Popular Science Monthly Article "Spy Hunters Find Clews in Secret Codes" June 1938.

Popular Electronics Article. "Electronic Computers" June 1958.

Article "Million Dollar Idea" in Mechanix Illustrated, June 1958.

"What Makes An Engineer Happy" Motorola Ad in Scientific American magazine, Mar 1956.

Harold David Rueb (1939-2009) personal slide rule display 2009

K&E slide rule Archive Donated To M.I.T. Museum.

Study Table Clutter of an Aeronautical Engineering Student, 1971.

"Slidescape" sculptor by Leo Sewell, American Visionary Arts Museum, Baltimore, Maryland.

News Release on a "Navigation Computer" in Modern Mechanix, Aug 1937.

Russian Crew Of AN-72 Passenger Aircraft Using Slide Rule For Navigation, accompanied by an Ipod using a GPS application. 2011 from englishrussia.com (No comment on why they don't trust their instruments).

Scenes from the 2008 Movie Peggy Sue Got Married with Kathleen Turner (as Peggy Sue) showing a slide rule used by Barry Miller (as Richard Norvick). Larger Image

Starbucks And A Slide Rule (Pickett Demonstration Slide Rule).

Slide Rule Tie Clasp made of Sterling Silver.

Corps Students Using Navigation Circular Slide Rules (1964). Texas A&M, Cushing Memorial Library Archives

Slide Rule Contest Winner (1947). Texas A&M, Cushing Memorial Library Archives.

Slide Rule Contest Winner (1947). Texas A&M, Cushing Memorial Library Archives.

Slide Rule Contest Winner (1948). Texas A&M, Cushing Memorial Library Archives.

African-American Students Using Slide Rules (1950).Prarie View, TX. Texas A&M, Cushing Memorial Library Archives.

Students Use Slide Rule (1941). Instructor Emerson L. Grindall demonstrates a computation to a section of a class. Michigan State University Archives And Historical Collections.

Drafting Student With Slide Rule (1947). Texas A&M,Cushing Memorial Library Archives.

Trig With Slide Rule. Avenal, CA (1947) Courtesy Of Mongrel Heart (Alias) On Flickr

Kris Ekerherd Studying With Slide Rule.Shy Anne And Sue (Cats). Alfred University (1961) Photo By George Lane

Comptometer being keyed (1914). The comptometer was the first commercially successful key-driven mechanical calculator (addition or subtraction), patented in the USA by Dorr E. Felt in 1887.

Edwin Hugh Lewis (1881-1963). Detail Of Slide Rule From His Grave Slab at Kilmory Knap Cemetary in Arsrishaig, Scotland (GB). Photo by Michael Mooney

Ad for Yaquinto's Attack of the Mutants game that used to run on the inside cover of most Marvel comics.(1980)

Samuel T. Cohen - Inventor Of The Neutron (Fusion) Bomb with Slide Rule And Vatican Peace Medal. Sam Cohen holds up a Vatican Peace (for War) Medal for inventing the neutron bomb (for Peace), given to him by Pope John Paul I. He designed the neutron bomb with just pencil, paper and a slide rule. (Photo: San Jose Mercury News)

Robert A. Heinlein at home with Slide Rule (1950's) featured on the Sci-Fi Channel series "Prophets Of Science Fiction", 3-1-2012. This is a photo off the TV screen, of a photo in RAH's personal album.

West Point graduate John T. Reed states: "Here is a photo of me taken in my cadet room in the winter of 1966 when I was a junior... In my right hand is my slide rule. Its tan leather case is on my desk."

Yokagawa-Hewlett-Packard 4260a Design Team (1966). Shows slide rule case on table as they view the Universal Bridge, electronic test equipment, they designed as a joint venture.

Popular Science Dec 1942 pg9 Slide Rule Book Ad

Popular Science Sep 1943 pg35 Slide Rule Book Ad

Popular Science Nov 1939 pg1 Slide Rule Book Ad

Popular Science May 1971 pg136 Slide Rules You Make Yourself Review

Dr. Eugen Sänger confers with mathematician and future wife Irene Bredt in their WWII research lab in Trauen in the development of the Sänger Amerika Bomber

Chronomat Slide Rule Watch Ad, Wakmann Watch Co. of NYC. $110 in 1959, Modern Mechanix Feb 1959.

Apollo "Uhhh, Houston We Have A Word Problem", Cartoon by Scott Hilburn (c)2010

Joe Miner, long time Mascot of the Missouri University Of Science And Technology (was Univ of Missouri-Rolla). Note that the slide rule prop in these photos has a linear scale, not logarithmic like it should be.

Joe Miner, long time Mascot of the Missouri University Of Science And Technology (was Univ of Missouri-Rolla).

Joe Miner, long time Mascot of the Missouri University Of Science And Technology (was Univ of Missouri-Rolla).

United Airlines Mechanics, mid-60s.

Modern Cartoon

Addometer Adding Machine Advertisement, Modern Mechanix, December 1947

Janis Lyn Joplin (1943-1970), famous rock singer, as a member of the Slide Rule Club when a Junior at Thomas Jefferson High School in 1959, Port Aurthur, TX. From the 1959 TJHS Yearbook

Janis Lyn Joplin (1943-1970), famous rock singer, shown with a slide rule. She was a member of the Slide Rule Club when a Junior at Thomas Jefferson High School in 1959, Port Aurthur, TX. From the 1959 TJHS Yearbook

Slide Rule Club at Thomas Jefferson High School, Port Aurthur, TX. 1959 TJHS Yearbook, page 182, showing Janis Lyn Joplin (1943-1970) holding a slide rule.

Pickett Slide Rule with Hew;ett Packard HP-35 'Slide Rule' Calculator, Popular Science Feb 1973 pg89

K&E Slide Rule shown with Hewlett Packard's 'Advanced Slide Rule' Calculator in 1972 HP-45 Owners Handbook page 6.

Slide Rule Sisters - Cincinnati Post (c1949) GE Engineers Pat Leary & Eleanor Sample. Patricia joined GE as an engineering assistant in 1949. At the time, there were just 4,000 female engineers in the entire country, and no more than a handful at GE's aviation unit in Massachusetts. She started in a calculating pool, crunching J79 engine test data with a slide rule.

New Scientist Jan 27 and Dec 1, 1983. Slide Rules OK In Mozambique. An inititive to send thousands of forgotten slide rules to technical students in South Africa.

New Scientist Jun 23,1960 Blundell Slide Rule Ad

Circular Slide Rule In The 2005 Movie World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins. Based on the life story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years building a 1920 Indian motorcycle - a bike which helped him set the land-speed world record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Dercks Trig Simple-Fyer Dial Ad. 1943

Metric Converter Pencil Cup, Chlor-Trimeton Ad

Makeba-Kombinator Logarithmic Slide Rule Pencil, ca1957 Deutschland: Sachsen, Bautzen

Ruxton Multi-Vider Slide Rule Pencil

C.V. Ore S-M Slide Rule Ad, Popular Science, May, 1956 pg261, found by George Keane, Festus, Missouri.

Richard Bemis, a Northrop engineer, holds an enormous circular rule that he had designed in 1952 for aerodynamic calculations.

VERNON Slide Rule Silver Tie Clasp

B&C Engineering. Bill Raire (cntr) and Bill Willis (right). Boller & Chivens was a design/manufacturing company in the 60's & 70's that built telescopes and other high tech (at the time) instruments for NASA and academia. A pocket Pickett is near Willis' elbow.

"Slide Rulers Rule" - Return To Zero Comic in EDN magazine

Kathleen Lynch, Bridge Engineer with Slide Rule, caWWII

An identification badge and a slide rule that belonged to Manhattan Project scientist Glenn Seaborg is part of the Paul Frame collection of atomic memorbilia. Seaborg developed the chemical process to extract plutonium from uranium and won the 1951 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

IBM Engineer William Dersch, Portrait With Slide Rule. Brigham Young University High School

Walt Casson (center), recently discovered this photo from 1950 or 1951 taken at Gulf High School, New Port Richey, Florida. He and Bobby McAlpine (left), and Vic Schuck (right), are holding a demonstration slide rule. which was made by Gulf students in Mr. Marchman's trig class. It was found during renovations at the old Elfers school.

Mathcraft Set Ad.Popular Science Nov 1961.

Lionel-Porter Mathcraft Expiremental Lab, post 1962. This set has an Engimeering Instruments slide rule, a a 1X4 13-digit Japanese abacus, a 4-digit Sterling Add-a-Matic adding machine, and drawings tools.(Carl Schwent collection)..

Porter Mathcraft Set with a Engimeering Instruments slide rule, an abacus, and drawings tools. This 1961 version was prior to the Lionel-Porter merger.(2012 ebay auction)

Queens University, Ontario, Canada, Class of 1959 Crest with a charicature of a slide rule wearing a kilt.

Slide Rule and Cat at the Queens University Heating Plant. Photo By Ted Flander, 1959

Manhattan Project Physicist Enrico Fermi and wife Laura, looking at slide rule.

"A World Without Engineers", Agilent Technologies promo.

Nevil Shute portrait with slide rule (bottom edge of frame) that he used as an engineer. See more at the Nevil Shute Norway virtual museum.

TV Screenshots from episodes of Moon Machines - Saturn V. SciFi Channel 2013 with Saturn V Drawing. two different slide rules were displayed, (appears to b a Pickett 1010 Duplex and a Hemmi/Post simplex)

Hall Hibbard (left) and Clarence "Kelly" Leanord Johnson (1910-1990) holding a K&E or Dietzgen slide rule. Both looking at a blueprint of the the Lockheed Constellation. Kelly Johnson was the engineer on 42 of the most famous planes in aviation history, including the P-38 Lightning, Constellation, the U2 and the SR71), which all were designed using slide rules. Pictures of his airplanes

Joe Soper, the former plant manager for K+E's Salisbury facility, created this display for the Salisbury Historical Society, showing the history of the plant The most important slide rules that were produced in the Lakeville Plant are shown..

Mural, by James Brooks, painted from 1939 to 1942, at the Marine Air Terminal at La Guardia Airport in New York City, Shows slide rules in panel.

General Telephone And Electronics Ad With Slide Rule And Abacus

New Zealand Political Cartoon With Slide Rule. 4-24-13 by Tom Scott. Contributed By Phillip Rodley, Upper Hutt, NZ. It was comparing the simplicity and cost of earlier energy policies to the current situation. Larger

Insignia of the US Navy Test Pilot School located in NAS Patuxent River Maryland. A slide rule is integrated into the design. The original owner of this patch attended USNTPS from 1957 through 1958. The aircraft silhouette on the patch is a Douglas F4D Skyray. The Skyray first flew in 1951, entered service in 1956, and was retired from service in 1964. U.S.N.T.P.S. currently flies the F-18 Hornet. provided by usmilitariaforum.com

H 72s at USNTPS,Emblem On Hanger

USNTPS emblem on T-38 Talon

USNTPS Insignia with Slide Rule

USNTPS Graduate Badge with Slide Rule

Screenshots from the "Mission: Impossible" TV series. Starting with the third session (1968) the protagonist, the character Jim Phelps, uses a new photo of the character called Bernard Barney Collier in the Dossier Scene. In the new photograph Barney is holding a slide rule. Barney (actor Greg Morris) was the owner of 'Collier Electronics', the first season dossier, Contributed by David Huff

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- George Gregory, current 746th Test Squadron Operations Flight chief, works on a calculation using a slide rule to provide instrumentation support for a rocket sled project in 1962, at his office at the High Speed Test Track. Mr. Gregory worked at Holloman's test track for the first eight of his 50 years with the 46th Test Group. While working at the test track, one of Mr. Gregory's first assignments was to provide instrumentation support for the evaluation of the Atlas Missile's inertial navigation system. Complete story

USAF 6510th Test Wing Patches (1978-1993) showing slide rule in design. On 1 March 1978, the 6510th Test Wing was established and activated at Edwards AFB, California as part of a re-organization of units at Edwards by Air Force Systems Command. The 6510th assumed the flying mission of the Air Force Flight Test Center, which was established in June 1951. See for the history of the 412th and 6510th Test Wing

Russian Aviation Engineers With Slide Rules WWII - Clash Of Wings 3of13 at 5min 47sec

British Aviation Engineers With 20in Slide Rule WWII - Clash Of Wings 9of13 at 5min10sec

Fotos De La Fabricacion De Las Reglas Barbotheu, maquina reglas 1928 (Courtesy of regladecalculo.com)

Tavernier-Gravet Slide Rule Ad 1922(Courtesy of regladecalculo.com)

Albert Nestler Advertising Card Stamped 1928 (Courtesy of regladecalculo.com)

French Postmark With Electriciens Slide Rule 1965 (Courtesy of regladecalculo.com)

John Napier (1550-1617) commemorative Postage Stamp issued in Germany 2014. On letter sent by Klaus Kühn of Alling, Germany.

French company Marc, Slide Rule Ad 1932 (Courtesy of regladecalculo.com)

Keuffel & Esser 9-20-1957 Receipt for a K&E 4081-3 Decilog Slide Rule

Wheat Ridge High School, Colorado. 1968 Yearbook Math Club. Contributed by Don and Cindy McCoy, Silverthorn, Colorado.

Ed G. Millis, At Texas Instruments with Slide Rule on desk. c1968

Jerry Merryman, the Texas Instruments engineer who designed the logic for the first pocket calculator, sits with his slide rule and a couple of awards.

Alameda Naval Air Station Engineers Association Lapel Pin, 1964 With Slide Rule.

Man Cave With Giant K&E Slide Rule Hanging From Ceiling Photo. In picture is also hgh poewed rockets, KTM and Suzuki motorcycles, and lots of trophies and plaques. Photo by Mike Konshak.

USSWayne E. Meyer COA emblem With Slide Rule on Book.

Paul Taylor cartoon, 2013-04-19 "Human Slide Rule".

Showcase Presents The Phantom Stranger, Volume 1, "Slide Rule"

Alien Vs Scientist (with slide rule), drawn in unknown cartoon, Contributed by Foo Cheow Ming

Marco Polo movie on Netflix 2014 shows Tax Collector with Abacus

Phillip Rodley, of Upper Hutt, New Zealand using Binoculars to calculate with a Dring & Fage Four Foot Gauging Rule. Phil donated this slide rulefrom the 1800's to ISRM.

$1.25 Acumath Model 4 Ad from Acu-rule slide rule company.

Neil Armstrong's Pickett N600-T Slide Rule. Purdue Place In Space Exhibit

Purdue Libraries Archives and Special Collections is home to personal slide rules from six Purdue astronaut alumni. From 2004 to 2009, these calculation instruments are from Neil Armstrong, Jerry Ross, Roy Bridges, Eugene Cernan, Richard Covey and Guy Gardner.

Close up of negative of Pickett Artwork plates For Texas Speed Rule Slide Rules, courtesy of Gary Rourke.

Pickett Artwork plates For Texas Speed Rule Slide Rules, courtesy of Gary Rourke.

Pickett Slide Rule Retail Display Carousel, courtesy of Gary Rourke.

Pickett N909-ES Metric Conversion Retail Display, courtesy of Gary Rourke.

Pipe Smoking Student With Slide Rule. Based on the sleeve the maker is probably a K&E.

Popular Science February 1939 Ad, D. Van Nostrand Slide Rule and Book Speed and Fun With Figures, by T. O'Conor Sloane, J.E. Thompson and H.E. Licks

Popular Mechanics September 1939 Ad, D. Van Nostrand Slide Rule and Book Speed and Fun With Figures, by T. O'Conor Sloane, J.E. Thompson and H.E. Licks

Popular Science September 1942 Ad, D. Van Nostrand Slide Rule and Book Speed and Fun With Figures, by T. O'Conor Sloane, J.E. Thompson and H.E. Licks

Popular Science September 1943 Ad, D. Van Nostrand Slide Rule and Book Speed and Fun With Figures, by T. O'Conor Sloane, J.E. Thompson and H.E. Licks

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Send me your pictures!

Send me your pictures!

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